The Pirate’s Riddle

Treasure Hunts


An adventure on Calton island to find Captain Kidd’s hidden treasure.

A mystery friend from the past has left you a letter. He claims to have found the long lost treasure of Scottish pirate William Kidd and is willing to share his findings with whoever solves his riddle. Could you and your team be the ones to solve it?

Scottish pirate William Kidd is one of the most famous pirate’s in history. One of the reasons for this is that he was the only pirate that we know to have actually hidden a treasure. Many have claimed to find it but experts have always dismissed these claims. They’ve looked for it in Madagascar and in Gardiners island off the coast of New York; but could it be that it was always here in Edinburgh’s Calton Island?

Gather your team and get to the shores of Calton Island. You will be given the treasure map and a pirate kit. Along with your team you will have to solve the Pirate’s Riddle to get access to the treasure chest and then find the key to open it. This game is full of puzzles, surprises and tidbits on pirate Kidd, his legacy and some of the prominent sea men connected to the area.

You will be given a backpack with all you need inside. It takes place fully outdoors and you will only need your phone to check your answers or ask for help. This game is played in private groups so there will be a time gap between you and the next and previous groups. Great for all types of groups: couples, friends, colleagues, families with older kids… and anyone into treasure hunting!

100% Fun – 100% Safe

Our Sailors

With no doubt, the best treasure hunt of Edinburgh! 

Robert Louis Stevenson


Please, read before booking

Changes can be made to the booking up to 48h prior.
This is a puzzle solving game that takes you across the city following clues. Be prepared to walk. The game involves some stairs and ramps.

You will be asked for a 10£ refundable deposit for the rental of the kit. The game could cancel in case of extreme weather conditions.
The duration of the game varies depending on the group.

January 2022
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Game StartsFoot of the stairs to Calton Hill on Regent Road

: Calton Hill and beyond

2.5 hours approx


Picardy Place 14, Edinburgh

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What do I need to bring?

Its essential that at least one team member brings a charged phone with internet access. We prefer being in touch through whatssapp but we can send text messages if you have a UK number. The rest will be provided by us.

Does it end where it starts?

It does finish very near where it starts. 

Is it for children?

This game is on the challenging side. Parents know best but we generally think this is good for kids 12+ as long as they have adults in the team willing to help.

How do I return the kit after the game?

The game master will be around or else will give you a drop off location near where you finish. By joining the game you are agreeing to take care of the kit and return it in the end.